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Stressing On the Job During the Holidays

Let’s face it – the holidays can be a crazy time. Trying to fit work, shopping, baking, and childcare into a full day is not easy for anyone. All too often we’d rather do what we have to do and show up to work exhausted the next day just to feel accomplished. Unfortunately, the fatigue that sets in during the holidays can be costly to you and your co-workers.

When you work in an industry that make a lot of profit during the holiday season (package delivery, manufacturing, retail, etc.), it is so easy to work non-stop for the income. It is important to consider how your actions can affect others. It is just as important to make sure you protect yourself from holiday mishaps at work due to someone else being tired. Be extra diligent about daily operations and report what doesn’t seem right to you. It is not good practice to let things slide rather than put your job or your co-worker’s job in jeopardy.

The safety in the work environment is a big issue during the holidays. People are all in a hurry to get out of the place and tend to shirk their duties. Those working to get to the time off may be more lax about doing their job tasks properly. Employers may also not be on task as they continually see the profits rise and push employees to get the job done.

In some cases, striving to get the job done causes injuries that do not become apparent until after the work slows down and you finally get to take a break. By then, any damage may be worsened and a worker’s comp claim harder to fight for legally. With so many people out of a job these days, it can be really tempting to keep your mouth shut so you don’t risk your job status. You are just doing harm to yourself.