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Staffing Company in NY Indicted for Workers’ Comp Fraud

Have you ever been hired for a temporary position in NY?  If so, was it by the “unnamed” company run by Eric Goldstein in Manhattan?  Well, it’s just been reported Goldstein, the operator of the company, was indictd for workers’ comp fraud – he underpaid $25 million in premiums.

We continue to hear more and more about companies being charged with workers’ compensation fraud – companies who have workers’ compensation insurance through the New York State Insurance Fund and find ways to underpay.  In this situation, Goldstein’s policy was cancelled because of non payment of premiums.  Instead of making payments and getting the policy reinstated, it appears Goldstein used a private policy instead.  Was it worth it to avoid paying the higher rates?  Likely not – as evident of all the recent cases of workers’ comp fraud, the NYSIF is bound to find out!

All these cases of workers’ comp fraud cause premiums to go up for those honest New Yorkers and hurts both taxpayers and our workforce.  Hopefully, we can crack down on this all too common occurance before seeing many more cases of fraud.