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SSA makes disability claims determination data public

In an effort to support President Obama’s Transparency and Open Government initiative, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has made a variety of data sets, including those pertaining to disability claims, available to the public.


The two files that will probably be of the most interest to those applying for SSA disability benefits are:

  • ALJ Disposition DataA listing of hearings completion data by name of individual administrative law judges (ALJ) for all ALJs in ODAR. The data includes hearing office name, total dispositions, decisions, allowances, denials and fully favorable or partially favorable decisions.
  • Hearing Office Average Processing Time Ranking ReportA ranking of the 143 ODAR hearing offices by the average number of days until final disposition of the hearing request. The average shown will be a combined average for all cases completed in that hearing office. Users will be able determine where a particular hearing office stands among the total with respect to this workload category.


According to SSA, the information that they have made available will provide value by allowing researchers to study the work-related experiences of disability beneficiaries and by allowing claimants and other interested parties to view the hearing workloads types of decisions made by Administrative Law Judges and to determine how much longer they may have to wait for a hearing and for a decision about their case.


Right now the SSA has 16 data sets available on – and more may be made available as time goes on.  You can see these data sets by clicking here.