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Spring Has Sprung! Watch Out for Overexertion Injuries

Now that spring is kind of in the air, more people will be inclined to head outdoors, clean up the garden and do some general spring cleaning around the home. But it is essential that you don’t head into too much too soon or you can increase your risk of injury, especially when you go back to work.

Spring is for many a fresh start and the indicator that the long, dreary winter months have passed. It is important to remember that you likely have been homebound for much of the winter months and the physical jump back into heavy lifting, bending, and long weekends of spring cleaning work can mean injuries from overexertion. Add on to that demanding tasks on the job and you could be looking at spring time blooms from the comfort of your recovery room in the hospital.

If work has you doing new tasks outside, it is important to adapt to the new activities by following standard safety protocol (ie: bend with your knees not your back) and wearing the proper equipment (ie: weight belt) to get the job done. Changes in daily duties can mean an increase of injuries on the job and you certainly don’t want to be the one stuck at home again.