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Spike in Social Security Disability claims overwhelms the system

This news is no surprise if you’ve been waiting patiently for your Social Security Disability claim or appeal to be approved: the massive application and appeal backlog is so big, that some folks have to wait two years to get their first SSD payment.  Outrageous!


The spike in disability applications is cased in part by the poor economy.  More New York residents and others from across the country are turning to the SSD program for relief after losing their job or being unable to find work.


The SSA estimates that 3.3 million people will apply for SSD benefits this year, up 700,000 from just two years ago.  Sadly, the rejection rate has remained steady: about 66 percent of people who apply for benefits will be denied.


Many people just give up after being denied, when they can actually appeal the decision and fight for their disability benefits.  For those who push forward in the appeal process – and especially for those who hire a Social Security disability attorney to help them – the odds of eventually getting benefits improves.


One thing to keep in mind: despite the ridiculously long wait for disability benefits, you may be able to get retroactive benefits for all that time you waited for money.  Talk to your disability lawyer to learn more.