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Social Security Disability claims backlog continues to rise – what does this mean for YOU?

As the job market continues to worsen and more and more baby boomers find themselves in need of help, applications for Social Security Disability continue to skyrocket.


What does this mean for you?  It means that the SSD claims backlog is just getting bigger and bigger – which means that if you have a claim or appeal in “the system”, you’ll have to wait longer and longer.  And with some states furloughing claims processors in a misguided attempt to save money, the SSA is struggling even harder than ever to keep up.


What can you do about it?  One way you can improve your odds of getting your claim approved the first time around – or getting your appeal approved after an initial claim denial – is to get help from an experienced law firm.  A good SSD claims lawyer will work with you to make sure your disability claim application is filled out correctly, and will stay on top of your case to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.


Given how much information the SSA requests on their disability claim application forms, it is no surprise that many people make mistakes or accidentally leave out crucial information.  That is where we can help – we know how to ensure your application is complete and accurate, and we know who to contact to keep things moving forward.


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