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Social Security Disability Can Help Those With High Medical Bills

Health insurance is one of the driving costs of medical care, and many believe that the system is broken. For those who have been injured on the job and are considering social security disability, you may not want to wait.
The Kaiser Family Foundation is a major research institute for health care outcomes, and they reported that many who receive Social Security Disability benefits are living on less than $2,000 per month, not a sizable sum, they argue.
We disagree. It’s not that Social Security Disability benefits will lead to a luxury lifestyle, it is better than no income at all. And for those who may be eligible for Medicaid, some of these health care costs can be taken care of with government aid. What they can’t do is help people who could potentially file social security disability applications if they choose not to.
And for the main money earner in a household, asking others in the family to help shoulder the load may simply not be possible. Since Social Security Disability requirements include the inability to do further work, there are also often medical conditions to factor into the equation that can impact monthly income.
If you want to learn more about what happens at Social Security disability hearings, you can click through to our description. And if you want to know why applying for benefits is important you can also find that here. At Markhoff & Mittman, we’re here to help you obtain the benefits you need.