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Sneaking Out At Work Has More Consequences Than You May Think

If you are prone to taking unauthorized smoke breaks or tend to go off on your own throughout the day just to get away, you may be doing yourself more harm than just breaking the rules of your employer.

You might think you are getting away with something by never getting caught but you have to seriously consider the consequences of your own actions. You might think you deserve a few extra minutes on your own but you need to think twice.

If something should go wrong when you are in a place you should not be and you end up injured, you may also be hurting your case for potential workers compensation claims. Employers have a right to fight your claim they are at fault for your injuries but in most cases that is only valid if you are in the place you are supposed to be. This is not to say you’ll automatically lose your case but you certainly can be making it harder on yourself.

If you really need to tae an additional break or have reason to be somewhere outside of your regular position, be sure to let a supervisor know. You may think its unnecessary and annoying but if something should go wrong, you’ll be glad you did the right thing. Also, don’t be fooled into thinking that your safe work environment guarantees nothing bad could happen. Truly accidents and incidents can happen at any time and any where so why take chances.

Employers have the obligation to employees to be sure they are safe but they also have a right to protect themselves from fraudulent workers compensation claims. The company rules are set into place to do just that – protect both workers and employers should something go wrong. Do yourself a favor and follow the rules at work so you won’t end up being left in the dust of a workers comp claim.