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Slip and Fall at Work Could Leave You Down and Out of Income

Taking a spill at work is no laughing matter. Of course there is a tendency among co-workers to laugh off a fall or serious slip, adding to the embarrassment of the employees. It is this teasing that often leads to an employing not reporting the incident right away.

It is only later when the pain increases and mobility is limited in different parts of the body do employees have second thoughts about what should have been done. They will end up going to the emergency room and footing the bill for the medical treatment. It is only when they learn the doctor puts them on work restrictions or prohibits them from returning to work at all do employees begin to realize the seriousness of what has occurred. Leg, back, neck, and knee injuries can often lead to long-term chronic medical conditions.

It is not too late at this point to understand your rights. As an experienced workers compensation attorney firm for many years, we have seen all kinds of injuries result from what seemed to be a simple trip, slip, or fall. It happens in even the safest work environments and even to the most careful employees. Sometimes things just become out of our control.

What remains in your control is your ability to protect your rights and receive workers compensation benefits while you recover from your injuries. It is up to you to report the incident as soon as you can to your supervisor and follow the protocol of your employer for properly reporting such injuries.