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Sleep and Fatigue Endangers All Travel

We’ve all heard about the dangers of drinking and driving or driving under the influence of certain drugs but there is a situation that is much more common than either of those things. It is affecting not only the lives of a driver but everyone else on the road. In fact, being fatigued or overtired while operating a plane, boat, or train can potentially endanger the lives of thousands.

Emergency situations while on the job can spring up at any time during your business travels and whether you are driving a car or sitting on an airplane, fatigue can be your worst enemy. Unfortunately the issue just does not garner enough attention from the powers that be. The National Transportation Safety Bureau has been on a mission for years to get laws changed and to make fatigue a forefront issue across the nation in all industries.

Advocates of changing legislature feel they have enough evidence about how humans react to fatigue and not getting enough sleep for the government to do something about it. New regulations have been proposed to limit the time pilots, truck drivers, and others in the transportation industry can work safely. Some laws have been the same for 50 decades or more.

In a rushed society, people don’t want to slow down and take the time to rest. This causes a multitude of accidents and fatalities on an every day basis. Accidents that are not deadly often leave victims with a substantial loss of work time, serious injuries like broken or injured backs, paralysis, and chronic medical conditions which rack up hundred of thousands of dollars in medical bills and legal costs all because someone didn’t make time to sleep.

Many career drivers today feel like they can tough it out and are under the similar delusion that their fatigue will not affect how they drive. However, repeated evidence proves just the contrary.