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Should You Accept A Workers’ Compensation Settlement?

When a worker is injured while performing job related tasks, there are several things that happen. The employee may find themselves suffering from a short or long term disability which renders them unable to earn a living. There may also be medical expenses which threaten the financial stability of the worker and their family. To compensate for these additional burdens resulting from a workplace injury, workers’ compensation provided benefits for eligible claims.

Unfortunately not all workers’ compensation claims are black and white. In many situations, the insurance company responsible for paying out these benefits attempts to limit the amount of money paid to the injured worker. For employees who are have a legitimate claim, this can be a frustrating experience.

Going to battle with insurance companies can be a long and often overwhelming experience for the average worker. For this reason it is recommended that each person filing a claim for workers’ compensation consider the option of professional representation from a workers’ compensation attorney.

An experienced attorney working on your behalf can navigate the legalities of the situation without risking the loss of your benefits. When injured workers begin to feel the financial strain of not earning an income plus the addition of medical expenses, accepting a lesser settlement amount may be tempting. Unfortunately in doing so, you may be setting yourself up for long term financial problems should you be unable to return to work as expected. Let an experienced lawyer deal with the insurance companies to ensure you get the benefits you deserve.