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Shooting Spree In The Workplace: Could Your Co-Worker Be Next?

When an employee or former employee goes on a shooting spree at their place of work, you have to wonder if there were any warning signs indicating violence? Is it possible to work side-by-side with another person and not know they are capable of such acts? When it comes to violence in the workplace there are no easy answers. In some cases warning signs are missed while in other situations the attack appears to come out of the blue.

Whether the workers at Co-op City in Bronx noticed warning signs has not be reported. According to a recent Wall Street Journal online article, a former maintenance worker from Co-op City has recently been convicted of murder, attempted murder and assault and criminal possession of a weapon. The August 2007 attack at the Bronx housing complex is believed to be the result of a lost discrimination suit between the shooter and his former employers.

Employers must take steps to prevent these situations and protect the safety of everyone in the workplace. If the proper training and policies are not implemented in the workplace to prevent violence, incidents such as the one in Bronx will continue to occur. It is impossible to predict or prevent all acts of violence committed by another human being, however knowing how to spot warning signs and providing security in the workplace can reduce future threats. Access to stress and anger management counseling helps employees handle the stresses of work and home life in a healthy and safe way.