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Safe Place to Work Laws – Know Your Workers Comp Rights

Construction workers – are you familiar with the safe place to work laws?  They apply to all workers no matter where you live.  So, if you are injured at work within the geographical boundaries of New York State, you ARE eligible for workers’ compensation benefits even if you do not live in the NY area.

New York has taken a no tolerance policy when it comes to work place safety. No defenses are allowed to avoid these laws including the excuse that the injured construction worker is from another state or country.  Not every state has these laws.  Therefore, if you are doing construction work in New York but do NOT live in New York, be sure to keep this in mind if you are injured due to a construction accident.  Lawyers who practice in other states may not be familiar with every New York State law especially when New York is the only State in the country to have such strict safe place to work laws.