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Report Injuries Immediately Or Risk Your Claim Permanently

Workers compensation claims are fully investigated due to the high occurrence of fraud. With so many people trying to benefit from compensation to which they are not entitled, those with legitimate workplace injuries often suffer the consequences. The entire system is in place to ensure those who suffer from an accident at the workplace have coverage for lost wages and medical expenses. When resources are paid out to individuals who could otherwise work for a living, additional scrutiny is placed on all claims.

This is why it is so important to report workplace accidents immediately. In many cases an injury from an accident at work is obvious- there is no need to contemplate whether or not it should be reported. In other cases however, it may not be quite as clear. If you decide to hold off on reporting the injury, you may find you are doing more harm than good. Consider what would happen if you fell at work and hurt your back but did not report the incident. Later that day or in the next few days, you suffer another accident outside of the workplace, aggravating the condition. Since you have not reported the workplace accident you may be questioned as to whether or not that incident caused the damage.

Workers compensation attorneys specialize in helping injured workers receive the compensation they deserve. We want to make sure those legitimately injured at work are taken care of while those taking advantage of the system are held accountable. To help us reach these goals, injured workers must report incidents immediately regardless of how serious they consider the situation. If not, what at first appears to be a minor nuisance can turn into a major pain farther down the road.