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Prevent Accidents and Save Lives with Alert Safety Vests

A Valley Stream, NY company, Alert Safety Vests, reports that their safety clothing prevents accidents caused by drivers who experience low visibility on the road due to weather and other road conditions near construction sites and other outdoor work sites.  

According to statistics, workers and pedestrians who wear brightly colored clothing instead of high-visibility clothing can only be seen approximately 250 ft. away. This is considered less than the size of a high school football field.

Wearing bright colors has been suggested for years for anyone walking, bicycling or engaging in other activities on the road during dusk and evening hours.  Workers and pedestrians should wearing high-visibility clothing to increase their visibility to oncoming traffic. Industrial workers, to prevent worker injuries and construction accidents,  are required to wear safety clothing by law that contains protective wear such as reflective jackets, vests and reflective hats.