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Pound Ridge, NY Disability Lawyer

The historic town of Pound Ridge is located along the New York/Connecticut border.  The town's name comes from the many 'pounds,' or holding places for animals, that were located on ridges during Native American and colonial inhabitance. Very quaint and small, with a population of less than 5,000, the town has been a hideaway for many celebrities, such as Mike Myers, Tim Robbins & Susan Sarandon, Richard Gere and Carol Lowell, Christopher Reeve, Vera Wang and Tom Brokaw.  

The highly qualified attorneys of Markhoff & Mittman are ready to guide you in the disability maze, with either your workers' compensation or social security disability case.  They have decades of experience working with the New York State Workers' Compensation Board, New York City and New York State Retirement Disability Programs, and US Social Security Administration, and winning benefits from each of these for their clients.  To contact one of our attorneys, call us toll free at 855-614-4351 or fill out our online contact form.  For directions to our attorneys' offices, click here.