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Pizzerias Can’t Play Under The Table On Workers’ Compensation

Keeping workers off the records isn’t going away, at least not if the newest district attorney’s release about workers’ compensation fraud is to be believed.
A small pizzeria in Johnson City, near route I-80 and the Pennsylvania border, had three employees working for the owner, but none of them had valid employment records. The owner was arrested and charged with workers’ compensation benefits fraud by failing to record the proper information with the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board. He faces up to four years in prison, a warning to other employers in New York considering taking people off the books.
It’s a shame because the board recently released new medical guidelines that could really improve how workers’ compensation benefits recipients get medical care. For example, more procedures and diagnostics tests will be available without prior authorization, meaning less paperwork and hassle.
You should start with the current guidelines on how to get medical treatment that will be authorized by the workers’ compensation board to start, especially if you’ve been hurt recently. Otherwise, you could face a difficult battle when trying to receive workers’ compensation benefits, as we’ve outlined in recent articles on the topic.