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Outcome of Wisconsin Union Battle May Set Precedent For New York

When Wisconsin enacted the first workers’ compensation law a century ago, the state began a long history of leading the nation in employment reform and unionization. For this reason, New York and other states are paying close attention to the current union battle taking place in “The Dairy State“. The outcome could very well trigger changes in workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability benefits throughout the country.

Legislation proposed by Republican Governor Scott Walker would “eliminate Wisconsin public union’s rights to collectively bargain with their government employers” as stated in a recent press release. Because of the state’s history of being on the forefront of changes that affect workers, what happens in Wisconsin may have a far reaching affect. There is a temporary restraining order issued by a Dane County Circuit Court judge, momentarily halting the law’s effect.

As stated in an article published on, “The greater concern is that both New York and the federal government will trend toward reducing workers’ benefits and welfare programs, including workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Union advocates proclaim that such actions would eliminate the nation’s middle class.” To show support for Wisconsin protestors, New Yorkers held a rally at New York City Hall.

As the battle heats up in Wisconsin, reforms are being considered across the nation. The fear is that labor unions and other employees are in danger of losing rights and benefits that have taken decades to earn. If you think it can’t happen, think again; the time to pay attention is now before laws are passed stripping you of your rights.