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OSHA Investigates Workplace Accident – Employee Suffers Mangled Arm

An unidentified fan is hoping to have his arm saved after suffering from a workplace accident last week which also caused head injuries.  While the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is investigating the accident it is being considered just that at this point – an unfortunate accident rather than due to workplace safety violations.

The accident occured at a shipyard on Staten Island last week; the man was working with machinery on a boat when his arm became stuck.  At this point, it is unclear why or how this occured.  While we don’t have too much information and the identity of the victim is not being released, it has been reported that doctors will be able to save the workers arm.  We certainly hope this to be the case.  Employees who suffer from accidents on the job and end up losing the use of a specific body part due to injury are eligible for a schedule use of loss award.