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OSHA Accepting Applications For Online Safety Courses

In a press release made available March 29, 2011, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration made the announcement that they would be accepting applications from organizations who want to provide online safety courses. OSHA is in charge of monitoring and enforcing regulations which help keep workers safe while on the job. In addition, they also provide tools for employers to train their workers in areas of accident prevention.

In 2002 OSHA launched online training programs making it possible for employers to certify their workers online. Now OSHA will begin accepting applications from organizations interested in providing Outreach Training Program courses. These courses would focus on teaching workers how to identify hazards, train them on their rights as well as employer responsibilities. In addition workers will also learn how to file a complaint should the need arise. This online program is offered in 10 hour courses or 30 hour courses and is geared toward construction, general and maritime industries.

This is an excellent opportunity for organizations to improve their training strategies and ensure all workers receive the information needed. This information not only allows employers to meet training requirements but also reduces the risk of workplace accidents which commonly occur while on the job.

Whether or not an organization will be accepted to offer these courses depends on several factors. Staff and organizational experience and administrative capabilities are among the requirements according to the press release. Any opportunity to spread knowledge to employees is an opportunity which must be sought to improve the safety at your workplace.