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Occupational Health Awareness Week – April 25th

Have you or a loved one been hurt or injured on the job?  Do you feel comfortable and safe in your working environment or do you see safety hazards looming?  If you have been hurt and/or are worried as you go to work each morning, you might be glad to hear help should  be on the way.  Founders of Occupational Health Awareness (OHA) Week which kicks off April 25th see this as a special opportunity increase awareness and promote the need for better health and safety conditions in the workplace.  Their goal is to reduce worker injuries and worker deaths.

Did you know that in New York state alone, nearly 280,000 workers each year become ill or injured on the job?  And, over 200 lose their lives?  Each year millions of workers are disabled and there are thousands of worker deaths across the country – many unnecessary.  These numbers reflect only those cases that are reported; plenty more go unreported as workers fear of speaking up and losing their jobs.   Employers are legally responsible for protect their employees.  Employers can also reduce workers’ compensation and related costs and increase productivity by committing to provide safe and healthy work environments.  Employees should know their rights.

OHA week is being held in conjunction with Workers Memorial Day which is April 28th, the nationwide day of remembrance to recognize US workers who either die or become disabled on the job.  If you’re interested in more information or ways to participate visit this page –