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NYS Workers’ Comp Board Being Pushed for New Medical Fee Schedule

Are New York’s reimbursement rates among the lowest in the nation?  Are New Yorkers at risk of losing more doctors who are willing to treat injured workers?  Many unions, attorneys and believe so!  It has been reported that numerous doctors, surgeons, anesthesiologists and physical therapy providers as well as unions representing teachers, other public employees and workers in pirvate unions have grouped together to send a letter to the NYS Workers’ Comp Board requesting a boost in medical fees.

Revising the medical fee schedule is something the NYS Workers’ Comp Board has been working on and was to be part of the NYS reform.  Task forces are in place, raising fees in addition to limiting paperwork is under consideration.  In the meantime, the New York Injured Workers’ Bar Assocation is expressing frustation – they are continually hearing from claimants who are having difficulty finding doctors who will take workers’ compensation anymore.  Is this true?  Is this fair?  It should be noted that doctors currently on the authorization list for treating injured workers ARE required to take injured workers on as patients as long as they are accepting new patients in general.