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NYPD Cops Investigated For Social Security Disability Fraud

Social Security Disability for mental illness makes sense for some NYPD cops who have seen more than they’d ever want on the streets and are unable to work without symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder after they leave the force.
But it’s been alleged by Social Security Administration investigators that roughly two dozen former men in blue had falsified mental illness conditions in order to receive disability benefits. Many already had pensions and benefits from the New York Police Department as compensation for orthopedic injuries they endured.
It’s a multi-year investigation, and charges have not yet been brought, but the NYPD has already moved to pull the carry permits that are granted to most retired police officers. They were declared mentally sane to obtain them, and the disability benefits dictate that they’re not.
It’s a shame because many families have found it difficult to apply for Social Security Disability benefits in order to make up for income the main earner can no longer bring in. It also comes as Governor David Paterson marks the diamond anniversary of helping New York families receive compensation for daily needs.