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Work-Related Knee Pain Means a Trip to the Doctor

After a long day on the job, many New York workers come home with work-related knee pain. You may be tempted to prop your legs up on the couch and chalk it up to just being tired or getting older. You may sigh and tell yourself that your knees "just aren't what they used to be." As New York disability lawyers, we can tell you that this is exactly the reason why so many knee injuries go ignored and untreated, leaving you open for further injuries or re-injury.

Working with Your Hands = Working with Your Whole Body

When you work with your hands, you may not realize that you also work with your whole body. Think about the stress and strain on your knee joints as you kneel, lift, and bend all day at the worksite. It is unfortunate, but working with your hands often puts you at serious risk for work-related knee pain or an on-the-job knee injury. Pain is your body's way of telling you that something is wrong, so don't ignore your knee pain!

What are the warning signs that my work-related knee pain requires medical attention?

Knee pain may indicate that there is a serious problem, but there are so many types of knee injuries that it can be impossible to know exactly what is wrong without an X-ray, MRI, or CT scan. You may want to avoid the hassle of the doctor's office and all the poking, prodding, and testing. However, ignoring the pain or waiting too long can mean losing the use of your knee. You can't do your job without your knees! If you suffer from work-related knee pain, be aware of these "red flags." The New York workers' compensation lawyers at Markhoff & Mittman, P.C. urge you to call your doctor immediately if:

  • You have pain when putting any weight on the knee;
  • Your knee is swollen or obviously deformed;
  • There is redness on or around the knee;
  • You have a fever along with redness, warmth, or swelling of the knee;
  • You experience knee pain that does not go away or is very severe;
  • You are unable to bend your knee, or your knee "locks up."

Work-related knee pain is a common complaint, and is easily one of the most common types of New York workplace injuries that we see. If you have suffered an on-the-job knee injury, the New York workers' compensation lawyers at Markhoff & Mittman, P.C. are prepared to help you obtain compensation for lost wages and medical bills so that you can rest easy while you're off your feet. We have offices convenient to the Bronx, Westchester County, and White Plains. Please give us a call today at (866) 205-2415 or toll free at 866-205-2415 to discuss your case. Also, don't forget to request a copy of our FREE book, Five Deadly Sins that Can Derail Your New York Workers' Compensation Case, as well as the free information provided by our Disability Guys series. Don't hesitate to contact us today.

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