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Your OSHA Workplace Rights

On-the-job injuries are a serious issue, killing about 6,000 workers across the country every year, while another 50,000 workers die from illnesses caused by exposure to hazards at work.  In addition to these deaths, according to OSHA about 6 million workers are injured every year on the job.


These statistics are grim, and show just how serious the problem is for workers in the United States.  Employers are affected as well, because without healthy workers U.S. businesses lose over $125 billion each year because of workplace injuries.


As an employee, it is important that you know your rights so that you can protect yourself.  Per OSHA, your rights as an employee are as follows:

  • You may review the OSHA standards, regulations and requirements provided by your employer.
  • You may ask your employer for information on emergency procedures.
  • You should receive health and safety training as required by OSHA standards to work with toxic substances and to ensure you can follow emergency action plan procedures as required by OSHA.
  • You may request that the OSHA Area Director investigate hazardous conditions or violations of standards at your job.
  • You may ask that your name be withheld from your employer on a complaint that you file with OSHA.
  • You may be advised of any OSHA action related to your complaint.
  • You may have an informal review if the decision is made by OSHA to not inspect or not to issue a citation.
  • You may ask that your employee representative accompany the OSHA compliance officer on inspections.
  • You may observe any monitoring or measuring of toxic substances or harmful physical agents.
  • You may review any monitoring or medical records related to the aforementioned toxic substances or physical agents.
  • You may review the Log of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses (OSHA 300) at a reasonable time if your employer is required to maintain such a log.
  • You may request a closing discussion after an inspection.
  • You may object to the abatement period included in any citation issued to your employer.
  • You may seek safe and healthful working conditions without worrying about your employer retaliating against you for your actions.


Help for Injured Workers


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