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Could a Social Security Disability Attorney make a difference with your claim?

If you are preparing to apply for Social Security Disability benefits or if you already have and are waiting for your claim or your appeal to be processed, you may be wondering if there is a way to make the process a little easier.


Unfortunately what many disability applicants find out is that it is difficult to get approved for benefits on the first try.  Sometimes it is just a matter of missing information – sometimes people make simple mistakes like not completing paperwork correctly, and sometimes the SSA simply doesn’t have enough information to determine that the applicant is truly disabled and in need.


According to SSA about 64 percent of people who apply for Social Security disability benefits are turned down in the initial application process.  If your application is turned down initially, you can enter the appeals process – but there again is the risk of denial.


How can an attorney help you?  An experienced SSDI lawyer will ensure that your application avoids some of the common pitfalls that lead to denials for so many.  For example, two big issues with claims are incomplete paperwork and inadequate information.


Many people simply don’t fill out the paperwork correctly or don’t provide enough information about their illness or disability.  It is especially important to ensure that the medical information provided by your doctor clearly shows how your condition fits with the definition of a disability or illness as outlined by the SSA.  An experienced SSDI lawyer will help you submit a complete claim to improve your chances of success.


A SSDI lawyer also knows the system and knows who to contact to stay on top a claim.  Individuals filing for benefits on their own sometimes lose track of their claim or don’t know how to figure out its status – until many months later when they find out they’ve been denied.


While you can appeal a denial, this will only add more time to an already lengthy process.  Not everyone waiting for disability benefits can afford to hang on indefinitely waiting to receive payment.  And if you don’t do your appeal correctly either, you would have to appeal again – and wait longer, perhaps only to be ultimately denied.


Don’t wait to find yourself looking at a denial of benefits letter and wishing you had started the process with an attorney.  No matter where you are in the process – at the beginning of yoru initial claim or mired in the appeals process – our experienced Social Security Disability benefits lawyers can work with you to maximize your chance of success.


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