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New York SSDI Lawyer: Costs for the Social Security Disability Insurance Program

According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), about 91 percent of individuals aged 21 to 49 who worked in a qualifying job in 2009 can apply for federal disability cash benefits if they become ill or seriously injured.  This is a benefit that many Americans – and indeed many disabled New York workers – have relied on over the years.


At current time about 9,696,000 disabled workers and their family members receive disability benefits from the SSA.  Of those, 7,789,000 are disabled workers themselves, 159,000 are spouses, and 1,749,000 are children of disabled workers.


In fiscal year 2009, the federal disability insurance program cost the government $115.1 billion dollars, which isn’t surprising considering the number of people relying on disability benefits.  Just here in New York, our NY Social Security disability lawyers have seen the number of disability claims shoot up in recent months, so the costs will only continue to rise.


What does this cost the federal government every month?

  • The total amount paid out for disabled workers, their spouses, and their children comes to $8,892,000,000 each month
  • Disabled workers are paid $8,290,000,000 each month (each person receives, on average, $1,064)
  • Spouses of disabled workers receive $46,000,000 each month (each spouse receives, on average, $287)
  • Children of disabled workers receive $556,000,000 each month (each child receives, on average, $318)


Please note that in the above figures, the average monthly amount is not an indication of what you or your family member(s) might receive.  The actual amount that each individual receives for disability benefits depends on calculations that include different proportions of a worker’s benefit.


Get help with your SSDI application TODAY


Right now in New York the local SSA offices are overwhelmed with applications for Social Security Disability benefits.  One way to get a leg up on the application process – or the appeals process if you’ve already been denied – is to hire an experienced New York Social Security disability attorney to handle your claim.  Read more about how to improve your chances of getting disability benefits in our law library articles “How To Improve Your Chances Of Winning Disability Benefits” and “Could a Social Security Disability Attorney make a difference with your claim?


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