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How an attorney can help with your Social Security Disability Claim

Many people don’t realize that they can hire an attorney to help them with their Social Security Disability (SSD) claim.  You may be happy to know that you can hire a lawyer to help with your claim, and the SSA will work with your lawyer just as they would with you.


What can an attorney do for your disability claim? 


If you appoint a representative to help you with your SSD claim, they can act on your behalf to do the following:

  • Retrieve information from your Social Security file
  • Help you get medical records and medical information in support of your claim
  • Attend disability interviews or hearings with you or for you
  • Help you and your supporting witnesses prepare for a hearing
  • Ask that a claim be reconsidered or appealed if denied


A skilled Social Security disability claims lawyer typically has contacts in the system and will know where to go for the right information, how long things should take, and what kind of information is crucial to getting a claim approved.  Your lawyer or other representative is bound by law to submit honest and truthful information, just like you.


How is a disability claims lawyer paid?


If you hire an attorney to help you with your disability application, you do not pay them up front.  The Social Security Administration (SSA) requires that your representative get written approval from the SSA before charging or collecting a fee from you.  This is done in the form of a fee agreement or a fee petition, and you may not be charged more than the fee amount that is approved by SSA.


You may give your representative money up front, however it must be maintained in a trust or escrow account until your case is concluded.  If your representative or attorney takes money from you without approval or if they take too much they could be disqualified from representing future disability claimants and they may face criminal charges.


Keep in mind that you may be asked to pay for out-of-pocket expenses incurred by your lawyer, such as the cost of getting your doctor’s or hospital records.  This is in addition to the fee agreed to by the SSA.


Improve your odds of success – hire an experienced attorney


One of the easiest ways improve the odds that your disability claim will be approved quickly the first time around is to hire a skilled, knowledgeable Social Security disability attorney.  If you are in New York state, please contact the law offices of Markhoff & Mittman for assistance with your disability application or benefit claims appeal.


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