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What is the Social Security Disability Blue Book?

Applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits can be a whole new world for some people.  There is so much information to take in, so many forms to fill out, and for many – a list of unanswered questions.  One place that answers can be found is in the SSD Blue Book.


The Blue Book is also known as the “Disability Evaluation Under Social Security” book, and it is prepared for doctors and other health professionals who are trying to better understand the different disability programs administered by the Social Security Administration.


This publication can be helpful if you are trying to understand what information your doctor is supposed to supply and how they should be helping you.  It also contains a list of medical criteria for all of the impairments covered by the SSD program.  In the book you can also find information about the type of evidence you need to prove that you have a covered impairment – information that your doctor should provide.


The information provided in the Blue Book is very specific and detailed, and can be overwhelming.  However, if you are looking for information about a particular condition, this is the place to come if you want to see the info that both disability examiners and ALJs (administrative law judges) use.


The list of adult and child conditions covered by the SSA is probably the most useful for many claimants.  For example, if you have diabetes and want to know if you are eligible for SSD benefits because of complications you’re experiencing, then you can look it up in the Blue Book. 


In this case you would find that you could be eligible if you have diabetes mellitus with significant and persistent motor function problems in two extremities (arms and legs).  You could also be eligible if you are a diabetic experiencing acidosis on average once every two months, or if you are suffering from certain visual problems due to your diabetes.


Keep in mind that these conditions are just one part of the SSD eligibility determination.  The SSA also takes into consideration your past work experience, your age, the severity of your medical condition, your level of education, and your work skills.


Do you need help with your SSD claim?


If you need help filing an initial claim or an appeal for Social Security Disability benefits, please contact the experienced attorneys at Markhoff & Mittman.  You can also read more about SSD claims in our law library.


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