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Nuclear Power Safety Brought To The Attention Of US Residents

As relief efforts continue in areas devastated by the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, many US residents question their own safety. Japanese officials have been forced to deal with both the natural disasters and nuclear power plant issues resulting from the disasters. While nations around the world watched this situation unfold, the people affected have been in our thoughts and prayers. In addition, many US citizens living in areas close to nuclear power plants, have been forced to consider their own safety should a similar disaster strike close to home.

In a recent article published by Reuters, New York residents shared their thoughts regarding this issue. The nuclear power plant in question is located at Indian Point and operated by Entergy Corp. Located 40 miles north of Manhattan, a nuclear disaster at this facility could threaten the health and safety of millions of people.

While there has been some concern shared by residents in the surrounding areas, not all people are worried about living close to a nuclear power plant. One resident was quoted by Reuters saying, “As someone who lives near Indian Point, I’m not scared because I know how much we rely on the power plant as a source of energy and I know there are an incredible amount of safety measures in place”.

Also reported by Reuters , “Sean Murray, mayor of Buchanan, New York, where the plant is located, voiced confidence the Indian Point reactor was safe. He said likening it to the situation in Japan, where an 8.9-magnitude quake and tsunami that followed knocked out cooling systems at a nuclear plant, was like comparing ‘apples and oranges’.”

Despite confidence in nuclear safety, there are some concerns which should not be overlooked. Any disaster at this location has the potential to affect millions of people, therefore continued efforts to ensure the safety of this location are vital to prevent a nuclear disaster here in the US.