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No Comedy in Slips and Falls At Work

Pratfalls are a staple of funny television but when you suffer a trip or fall on the job because of someone else's mistake, you are risking not only your health but also the financial health of your family. Injuries suffered from a slip or trip on the job are vast and costly. There is rarely a part of the human body that can escape injury from the slip or fall on the job.

Slips and falls on the job are a very common work occurrence because they can affect any worker in any work environment. Often they are the result of materials left lying around or due to other accidents not properly cleaned up. Overall, safety protocols have been violated in some capacity if workers are suffering painful slip or fall injuries.

Many every day situations that do not seem important at the time can lead to painful injuries. Here are some of the common causes of these hazards:

  • Wet Floors – spots or large areas of wetness on floors due to spills, leaks, or cleaning can be reason for someone to slip and subsequently fall down.
  • Loose Materials – wires, boxes, and other materials used for every day work detail can be left lying around where other workers can trip.
  • Weather Related Incidents – unshoveled or unsalted walkways or parking lots can be slipping hazards.

Many of the situations that cause trips and slips are often due to the negligence of others and a lack of attention to safety measures on the part of management. If you have fallen at work as a result of slipping or tripping over work area hazards, you need to ensure your workers compensation rights are protected. Contact our office today to discuss your claim by calling 866-205-2415 or using our online contact form. It is essential you get the help you need now to care for your medical expenses.