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New Yorkers: Know what you need for the online SSA disability process

The Social Security Administration is trying to encourage injured or disabled workers in New York and elsewhere across the country to apply for disability benefits online.  Applying online, they claim, saves time and makes the process more efficient.


What will you need for your SSA disability benefits application?

  • Your W-2 Form if you were an employee, or your IRS 1040 and Schedule C forms if you were self-employed
  • The Social Security Number for your husband or wife, and for any of your minor children
  • If you were active duty, you’ll need your military service discharge information, which is found on form DD 214


For your medical disability report, you will need:

  • Contact information (name, address, phone number) for a person the SSA can contact for information about your medical condition(s).
  • Medical information (refer to  your medical records whenever possible):
    • For all your medical treatments, you need information about the doctors, hospitals and clinics you went to (names, addresses, phone numbers, your patient ID number while there, and the dates you were there)
    • List of all the medications you take and the names of the doctor who prescribed them
    • List of medical tests you have had and the names of those who asked you to take them
  • A list of your job history (the last 5 jobs you held)
    • Types of jobs you have had
    • Dates you worked those jobs
    • Information about workers’ compensation or insurance claims that you filed while working (the claim number and the name / address of the insurance company with which it was filed)

 If at any time you need help with the Social Security disability benefits application process, please contact our office to speak with a skilled and compassionate New York Social Security Disability Claims lawyer

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