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New York Workers’ Comp Lawyers’ Overview of Fracture Treatment

It is not uncommon to see workers' compensation cases for broken bones here in Westchester County. Although fractures are very common and rarely life-threatening, the real problem comes with the long, expensive recovery time. You may think that if you break a bone at work a simple cast will fix everything, but that isn't always the case.

How are work-related fractures treated?

A broken bone is usually treated in one of two ways: immobilization or surgery. How your work-related fracture is treated depends on the location, severity, and type of break. A broken heel will most likely require surgery, while a broken finger may just require a splint.

  • Immobilization: You are probably familiar with casts or splints used to help keep bones in alignment while they heal. However, traction (a system of weights and pulleys) may also be necessary to push the bones into proper alignment. In some cases, such as with a broken tailbone, a cast is impractical and the fracture will be left alone to heal while you keep weight off the area.
  • Surgery: Sometimes surgery becomes necessary to realign the bone. Internal screws and plates also may be used to keep the bone in place once it has been aligned. 

If you have suffered a fracture while on the job in New York, it is important that you receive proper treatment to avoid permanent damage. If you believe that you may be due compensation for issues relating to a fracture, give Markhoff & Mittman a call any time at 866-205-2415.

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They kept my best interests at heart. Updates on a regular basis of the status of the case and returning of calls was much more prompt after I started dealing with the same lawyers and support team.
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