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New York salt mine accident kills one worker, injured another

The Cargill Salt Mine in Lansing, New York was the site of a tragic salt bin collapse that is still under investigation.  The identities of the workers involved in the collapse have not yet been released.


The accident happened above ground when a bin used to load salt collapsed.  The bin was being used to load salt onto a truck when it collapsed, crushing the cab of the truck and killing its driver.  Another worker, a hoist operator, was rescued after the collapse and is in stable condition, expected to recover.


The bin was capable of hoisting 150 tons of salt, and cleaning up after the collapse has been such a difficult effort that the body of the worker crushed by the accident has yet to be recovered.  The massive weight of metal and salt that must be moved is complicating the recovery effort.


The deceased man’s family has asked that his name not be released.  According to a Cargill spokesperson, the accident and subsequent recovery effort has taken a huge emotional toll on all the workers involved.


The accident happened on Wednesday, and Cargill employees at the site were given the rest of the week off, with pay.  Grief counselors were also made available.