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Obtaining Health Insurance While Your Disability Case Is Pending

One of the most frustrating things about a social security disability case is the amount of time a person has to wait before a decision is rendered on their case. If you are one of the lucky few who receive a favorable decision upon an initial application, you still have to wait about 4-5 months. But if your case is denied, it could take anywhere from 9-20 months to receive a hearing date. During that time, consistent medical treatment is crucial to your case because your physical or mental condition is documented by a medical physician.

But what if insurance is a problem? What if maintaining a quality policy is an extreme financial hardship? For many people facing these problems, treating with a doctor on a consistent basis is not feasible.

This is probably the biggest problem facing disability hopefuls each year. Without proper medical support and concrete, objective medical evidence, Administrative Law Judges are reluctant to award disability benefits to someone who simply alleges that they are physically or mentally impaired. Lack of insurance has always plagued individuals who are hoping to be rendered disabled, but it appears the Social Security Administration is gradually starting to grasp this problem.

The Social Security Administration announced in a press release last week that they will now be providing key healthcare information to each and every disability applicant. For those people who can’t afford to see a doctor every month, or have trouble paying the high cost of prescription drugs, Social Security has officially endorsed two U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) websites that will serve to educate a disability applicant about their condition as well as programs that might help in reducing the cost of prescription drugs.

To see the complete press release, click here.

A disability applicant who is unable to prove they are disabled through proper medical evidence will face an uphill battle in getting disability benefits. During the processing of a disability claim, it is imperative that a claimant gather up every piece of medical evidence that might help show while they are unable to work. While the government’s endorsement of two websites won’t solve the problem of not having health insurance, it shows that Social Security is aware of the bigger problem.