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New York business owner charged with workers’ comp fraud

A New York man has been accused of taking more than $43,000 in workers’ compensation benefits that he did not deserve over a several year period.  As a result, the man, Dennis J. Clark, 50, of Remsen NY, is facing charges of fraud.


The case was investigated by the New York State Police and the Workers’ Comp Board Office of the Fraud Inspector General.  Based on findings from the investigation, Clark has been charged with third-degree insurance fraud, first-degree falsifying business records, and fraudulent practices of the workers’ compensation law.


Clark collected the benefits that he is accused of stealing while he was the owner and operator of the Flinstone Construction and Sanitation Removal business in the town of Russia.  The company was a garbage collection business.


After being arraigned in the Town of Russia Court, Clark will have to appear in court again at a later date for further court action.  The three charges against him are felonies, which could lead to serious consequences if he is found guilty.


Fraud by New York business owners is becoming more common, and experts are blaming tough economic conditions in today’s economy.  Employers are defrauding the workers’ comps system in a variety of ways, from employee misclassification to intimidating workers so they don’t file claims.  Authorities are working to crack down on such fraud, but have a long road ahead.