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Memories Don’€™t Have to Fade With Age

As we get older, our brains are also getting older. In order to maintain a healthy functioning brain, we have a responsibility to continually keep it in tip-top shape. Failing brains can mean some will need to take early retirement and collect disability because they are no longer able to safely perform their job duties as they once did. Memory problems, forgetfulness, and general thinking patterns change as we age which can limit some abilities for work.

While some may be genetically predisposed to failing mental capacities including Alzheimers, many are fortunate enough to still have a chance at improving how their brains work. Keeping a brain active and fresh can help generate new brain cells. Simple brain exercises can help people maintain their ability to function normally even well into old age. These simple exercises can include a variety of puzzles, regular exercise, and a proper diet.

Without a focus on the brain health of a human body, it is possible that memory failure can get progressively worse and not be able to make a comeback during the later years of life. One reason many older people may experience brain slow down is that after retirement, when activity levels drop drastically on a day-to-day basis, these people are not promoting good brain health. A sedentary lifestyle can quickly generate into decreased episodes of forgetfulness and confusion.

If you have been having problems remembering basic things, it is important to consult with a medical professional as soon as possible for a proper diagnosis. If your health problems are shown to be disabling, it is important for you to understand your rights when filing for Social Security disability. You can contact our experienced legal staff toll free by calling 866-205-2415 or by using our online contact form.