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Mechanical Failure Likely Cause of Ferry Accident – Over 35 Injured

It's been ten years since the Staten Island ferry ran into a pier killing 11 people.  Investigators say Saturday's accident, which injured 37 passengers, was due to mechanical failure and a totally different situation than the 2003 accident.  
It appears engine trouble prevented the ferry from stopping this time around; investigators are looking into the cause of the crash – at this point, nothing is definitive. 

The Staten Island Ferry runs across New York Harbor and shuttles thousands of people between Staten Island and Manhattan each day – many using this as their daily means of commuting to and from jobs in Manhattan.  Passengers aboard the ferry said many became very anxious and nervous as they noticed the boat approaching the dock at a much faster speed than usual.  The ferry captain, Donald Russell, told reporters that when he treid to slow the boat down, the engines just didn't respond.  Russell has over 5 years of experience on this ship.  He knew there was trouble and sounded the alarm a few moments before the crash which led the crew to move passengers away from the front of the ship – a good move as this may have limited the number of pasenger injuries

In addition to passengers there were a couple of injured workers