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Manual Labor May Increase Your Statistics for Injuries on the Job

As a person who engages in hard labor, manual task each day, it is likely that you are familiar with the risks you take concerning injuries related to your job tasks. Unfortunately as time passes and you've been on the job for some time, your susceptibility to injuries from the regular wear and tear on your muscles and repetitive motions. Even the smallest of wrong movements can trigger a chronic injury that puts you off the job.

Overuse, stress, and constant strain may become a problem for you and your ability to perform your job as usual may be hampered. For some employees working in tough job environments, a bunch of little injuries over the years that go unreported to management often lead to big medical problems which require long-term care. Many workers are prone to feeling weak when reporting a small cut but should that cut become infected or otherwise compromised, the results could be serious.

Manual labor injuries are the second most common on-the-job injury in the workplace. Whether or not you want to report the incident, it is always in your best interest to follow through with company injury protocol to ensure you protect your rights as an injured worker. There is no shame or guilt in making sure your medical and income needs are protected.

In addition to reporting incidents and injuries to your employer, you will also need to report the occurrence of the injury as job-related when you seek medical attention. Once you have been diagnosed and treated, it is essential you also follow through with prompt advice from qualified legal counsel.


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