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Major Arterials Could Be Injury Hot Spots For Workers

Bicycle messengers, truck drivers and other workers travel through New York City’s busy streets each day, and many may not realize that if they are employees, getting hurt in an accident on major arterials could be grounds for a workers’ compensation claim.
The major cross-town routes are the areas with the largest propensity for risk, with four times as many fatalities as they have traffic relative to the rest of the city. Since they cross major residential and office areas, the rush of traffic can lead to increased accidents for those who are working on the job.
And while workplace safety includes roads for those who must travel them during the course of their employment, New York City still sees half of its traffic fatalities come from pedestrians. If they’re working, their families could be eligible for workers’ compensation death benefits.
More than 1,500 traffic control lights will be re-worked at major intersections to reduce the risk to pedestrians and motorists alike, but employees should be aware of possible recourse in case that isn’t enough to prevent a workplace injury.
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