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Listen Up Laborers! Retirement Age May Change for the Next Generation

If the White House makes the changes that are supposedly impending, laborers who are so close to retiring may now have to wait even longer. Proposed changes to extend the retirement age from 66 to 70 years of age over the course of the next several years may spell big trouble for all workers, especially hard laborers.

Those in construction, janitorial services, industrial and manufacturing production as well as other similar jobs are particularly at risk for surviving in their professions until a later age. It is unlikely that 68 year old laborers will have the same get-up-and-go for climbing on a roof or lifting heavy loads repetitively as they did when they were 30 years younger.

Not only are older laborers more susceptible to injuries, chronic pain, and general difficulties performing their job task, some may unfortunately not live to see the age of 70 because of the additional years and physical tolls their jobs take on their bodies.

Disability claims are likely to increase, leaving those who hoped to make it to retirement unable to work at all. Income will be cut and financial support will be harder to come by. These changes may not directly affect the 60 something's currently working in the hard labor industries but will certainly have a serious impact on the next generations of hard labor workers in every industry.

For those currently still working hard labor jobs at an older age and suffering from chronic pains or on-the-job injuries, it is essential you work to protect your workers' compensation rights. The complexity of job-related physical injuries often are not handled properly without the legal guidance of a licensed attorney familiar with the rights of hard labor workers.


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