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Lewis County Worker Seriously Injured in Worksite Explosion

Ricky Poore, an employee with Shue Bros Excavating, was seriously injured while at work in New York on April 18, 2011 around 10:14 a.m. after a worksite explosion. Poore, 42, was working with a cutting torch in a company garage when the accident took place. He was transferred by Port Leyden ambulance and is being treated at St. Elizabeth Medical Center in Utica. He was listed as in serious condition.

According to police and fire reports, Poore was using the cutting torch to remove the end of a 55-gallon drum. When the heat and flames from the cutting torch entered the interior of the drum, it exploded. The drum struck Poore in the head and caused minor damage to the ceiling of the garage. Despite the explosion, no fire was reported at the scene.

Response at the scene in Leyden involved the combined efforts of Lewis County firefighters, Lyons Falls firefighters, Port Leyden firefighters, EMS, and the Lewis County Sherriff, among others.

Workplace accidents take place all the time, all over New York. While these kinds of accidents are alarmingly common, the New York workers' compensation lawyers at Markhoff & Mittman, PC know that statistics are no comfort to the victim. Our thoughts are with Mr. Poore and his family at this time.