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Knee Ligament Injuries Are Common in the Workplace

Imagine being at work doing your normal duties.  As you changes direction and you turn your body to complete a task, your foot stays planted while the upper part of your body turns.  Pain shoots through your knee and you drop to the ground unable to bear the pain or continue working as you were.
This all too common scenario is an indication of damage to the knee ligaments.  Sprains of knee ligaments happen frequently in sports because of fast sudden changes in direction or direct contact with the knee.  Knee sprains can range in degree from a minor stretching of the ligament to a complete tear.  Minor sprains can be taken care of with some rest, over the counter medications, and heat and ice packs.  Major damage, such as tears, or damage to more than one ligament at a time almost always results in surgery.
Years ago, major knee ligament injuries meant that working, playing sports, or performing other activities would no longer be a possibility.  The damage to the knee was considered far too great and repeat injury was feared.  There is hope today though that those who suffer from a torn ligament or multiple ligament injuries can recover.  Techniques for treating ligament tears have improved and with it the chance to return to normal activities after suffering a knee injury. 
If you've suffered an injury to one or more of the ligaments in your knee or knees, don't give up hope of getting back to the job. Technology and medicine have increased the possibility now more than ever that your injuries can be repaired and you can resume your normal job duties after treatment.

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