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Is Your Unhappiness At Work Due to Unsafe Conditions?

Of course not every work environment will look like sunshine and roses. Some industries are downright dirty, full of hard labor positions. But there is a large difference between the cleanliness of a job environment and the safety of one.

Have you noticed things that are always out of place, broken, or in total disarray? Are you confident that work safety devices are long overdue for checks and replacement? These types of situations are not only annoying to the worker, they also pose a health danger and pose an increased risk for on the job injuries.

There may be other scenarios besides how a place looks that could be a danger to your daily presence at your job. For instance, if you are being harassed or have witnessed bullying amongst co-workers, going to work each day may be the last thing you want to wake up and do. Feeling safe on the job increases your productivity at work and your motivation to show up 5 days a week.

Unfortunately many of the dangers on the job that can make you understandably worried about your own health and safety. It is an important motivator to be happy with your job as well as comfortable during the time you spend on the job but many people will not report situations to management that have the potential for danger. In some cases where reports are filed, management may still choose to ignore the issues – perhaps to save money or just out of lack of concern.


The safety of all employees are the responsibility of the employer and co-workers do play a part. If you have been injured on the job due to co-worker violence, the failure of safety devices, or the negligence of employers it is not your fault and you have rights to protect. To discuss your case for workers compensation, you can contact us confidentially online or by calling toll free at 855-614-4351.