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Hurt at Work: Life Behind a Desk

If you have been employed in a hard labor position and have gotten injured on the job, you may be placed on light duty until you have fully recovered. In many cases, a desk job is a far cry from the hard labor you put in prior to your injury but make no mistake – life behind the desk can be just as dangerous as the heavy work you were used to doing.

It has been shown that many people with full time desk jobs are at risk for higher incidents of heart disease, high blood pressure, and medical issues associated with weight gain. While the job at a desk may not be very dangerous per say, it is the inactivity of sitting through the majority of a workday that puts you at risk. All too often workers will maintain a constant level of productivity that leads to their sitting for extended periods of time. The lack of daily exercise, even by taking short walks periodically is what can lead to a variety of health problems.

If you have been placed on light duty work from a work-related injury, you need to protect yourself to insure you are able to heal and stay healthy. Protecting your injury with the intention of returning to your regular job duties should be a high priority but you also must learn to get moving from behind the desk. Take short breaks every 30-45 minutes to walk around the office with your errands. Use breaks and lunch hours to get your heart rate up rather than lazing about in the lunch room. Don’t assume that just a few weeks behind a desk will have no affect on you either. A sudden change in routine can increase weight gain which can be a precursor for more serious problems such as diabetes.


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