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Holiday Stress Brings On the Job Fatigue Risks

Workers, especially those who cater to the holiday rush, are prone to wearing themselves out through overtime hours and the daily stress of work. These worn out employees are more prone to having accidents at work or causing injury to others. It is imperative to be alert around the holiday season to avoid unnecessary incidents and work-related accidents.

Fatigue can cause many kinds of problems. Drivers who are tired while on the road are at increased risk for accidents. Workers operating heavy equipment can not remain alert if overtired. Machine operators must also stay on top of their task of risk hand or finger injuries. Package delivery agents will do a lot of heavy lifting and lots of bending and can easily suffer back and spinal injuries from the added workload during the holiday season.

It can be difficult to skip work by calling in ‘tired’ but it is in everyone’s best interest that you not take on tasks you can’t handle when stressed out or overtired. It is also important that you take care of yourself, eat right, and get plenty of sleep despite the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, dinners, and traveling. It is essential to find balance during a busy few weeks while managing your job duties. If the increase in work hours is due to the need for money, consider that a serious injury or accident will leave you far deeper in financial trouble than if you do not take on extra work you can not reasonably handle.

If you are working with someone who is not getting enough sleep and has been slipping up on the job, report it to your supervisor. It may not be an easy task to report on a friend but it is in the best interest of the health and safety of the entire operation.

Holiday stress affects many people across the nation and increases the risk of workplace injuries. You must protect yourself, your coworkers and innocent people on the road and the community by avoiding fatigue.


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