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Going Down? Construction Workers Hurt In Elevator Free Fall

When you step into an elevator, do you do so with confidence that everything is in working order? Or do you have visions of getting stuck between floors or worse free falling to the ground? Elevator accidents happen with more frequency than most people think, however the most common types of accidents do not involve plummeting to the ground level.

Elevator passengers experience accidents such as elevator doors opening between floors or not level with floor, elevator door hitting passenger, trips resulting from uneven elevator surface and a sudden increase or decrease in elevator speed. These incidents are usually the type of accident which causes an injury.

Nearly 2 dozen construction workers were not lucky enough to experience a “common” accident. As reported by, “The New York Fire Department said 21 construction were taken to the hospital, most complaining of neck and back pain following the morning accident at a Bed, Bath and Beyond store in the Chelsea section of Manhattan, CBS reported. A 22nd passenger in the elevator was not transported.”

When the elevator began the free fall, there was little the men could do beyond hold on, wait and hope for the best as the elevator dropped three floors. It is believed the elevator brake was on and holding a little according to one of the men inside the elevator as it dropped.

Previous problems with the elevator had been reported by workers according to the New York Daily Times. An investigation into the cause of the malfunction will be performed by the Buildings Department. It has been suggested that previous problems with the elevator may be due to age.

Injured workers in an elevator accident should report the injury immediately. In most cases the incident will not be as newsworthy as the one described here. Nevertheless, sudden jolting, shifting, lurching inside the elevator can cause injuries. The same is true for slipping, falling or tripping due to uneven surfaces.