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Fraud In The System: Who Can You Trust?

When it comes to workers compensation claims, the issue of fraud is a huge concern. In most publicized cases, it is the dishonest employee who is found to have taken advantage of benefits to which he or she were not entitled. Like any other system however, there is always the chance that the workers on the inside are guilty of fraudulent acts. When this happens, it begs the question: Who can you trust?

On December 20, 2010 a summary of findings was issued by the NY Office of the State Inspector General in reference to the alleged fabricated reports submitted by a former investigator.

The New York State Inspector General determined that Brian Cody, a former investigator for the Office of the Workers’ Compensation Board Fraud Inspector General (‘OFIG’), knowingly fabricated entries in the reports he filed with the OFIG regarding investigations he had conducted. Cody’s employment with OFIG was terminated as of November 7, 2008, based upon similar findings by the OFIG. The Inspector General has referred these findings for prosecutorial review.”

What does this mean for employees and their employers who abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the Workers Compensation Board? When the very workers responsible for investigating fraudulent workers compensation activities are charged with “making up” information to close cases, it corrupts a system that is already fraught with serious issues.

We feel every person who has suffered a legitimate injury as a result of a workplace accident has the right to compensation. If you have been hurt at work and question whether or not you are getting the benefits you deserve, contact a New York Workers Compensation attorney to discuss you case.  You can trust we will find out if you are entitled to compensation resulting from your injury.