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Former Truck driver with a severe heart condition

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AGE:  57

PAST WORK:  Truck driver

INJURIES: cardiovascular disease, depressive disorder

SUMMARY:  Claimant worked as a truck driver all over the country for 10 years. Before that he worked at various companies as a customer service representative. Claimant was diagnosed with cardiovascular disease in 2007 and began suffering rampant chest pain, recurrent shortness of breath and fatigue. By 2009, the claimant was experiencing these symptoms so much, he could no longer work in any capacity. Claimant was treating with a cardiologist and primary care physician for his heart condition. He was also seen by a psychologist for the emergence of depression.


HEARING LEVEL RESULT: FULLY FAVORABLE decision dating back to 2009.

$30,000 in back pay and $1,800 per month for future benefits