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Follow Up With Orthopedic Specialist Important for Comp Cases

If you have been hurt while at work and have injured your shoulder, knees, or back, you may be required to visit an orthopedist for further consultation or for surgery. An orthopedist is a specialty doctor that can help treat and repair more serious damage to your body.

In workers compensation cases, treatment must be timely and you have to follow through with the advice of your doctor to stay on track with your claim. You may be tempted to skip the appointment with the referred orthopedic specialist which will likely only result in more damage and more serious injuries. It is advisable to seek the treatment from the orthopedist so you’ll not only heal faster, you’ll be able to continue through with your workers compensation claim.

For serious injuries involving the spine, it is especially important to ensure your rights are protected as the ongoing, long term care by an orthopedist and other medical professionals will get costly. Theses types of injuries can be life-long, especially if they are not diagnosed and treated properly. Spinal injuries in particular can lead to paralysis and other life-changing consequences – all of which leads to ongoing expenses, loss of income, and other serious life events.


If you have been referred to an orthopedist or other specialist due to complications or complex work-related injuries, it is important you are fully aware of your rights and the potential consequences in the long-term. For questions or concerns about your recent referral to an orthopedist specialist, contact our office for a free consultation. You can call toll free 866-205-2415 or visiting our online contact page.